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Welcome Human of Nelson Book Readers!

This page is your portal to the online Humans of Nelson experience.

First of all, I want to thank you for picking up and reading through the HON book. I hope you enjoyed looking at the portraits and reading the stories as much as I have enjoyed making it.

The good times don't have to end!

Here's a list of links and information on the Humans of Nelson project:

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What brought you to Nelson?

A job, believe it or not. I reluctantly transferred to Nelson and wasn't actually looking forward to living in such a small town. But within a couple of weeks I fell in love and realized this was home.

What has changed in your life, because of this project?

The biggest change is that I have this big network of folks that I've shot and met through the project. I see the "Humans of Nelson" every time I go out and it's great to give and receive a warm smile, or to stop and catch up on life.

What inspired you to start the Humans of Nelson?

Bandon Stanton, who started the Humans of New York, but also all those folks that started spin-off Humans of... projects around the globe. 

What draws you to a subject?

Sometimes it's something they are wearing, but more often then not I'm looking for someone who doesn't seem rushed, who looks approachable and maybe willing to have a chat with a stranger.

How often do people say "no" when you ask to take their photo?

Less often than you might imagine. I'm surprised that the majority of people I approach agree to have their photo taken. We live in a very friendly, trusting community. I love that about Nelson.

Why do you photography visitors and not just residents?

The way I see it, we're all just visitors. Pretty deep, eh?

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