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Welcome to my photo gallery <a href="http://thepupil.smugmug.com/" target="_blank">The Pupil.</a>

<a href="http://thepupil.smugmug.com/gallery/813631/#386034763_TmNCJ" target="_blank">"Wow"</a> is what I'm going for.

I want to hear it from my family, my friends, and most of all - my clients.

Do you want your photo taken?  Hover over "More" above and then click on the "Email Me" link. And let's talk.

I hope you enjoy. <a href="http://thepupil.smugmug.com/gallery/4232247" target="_blank">They did.</a>


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Hi, I'm Ryan Oakley and I like oatmeal (among other things).  I was born in 1978 in Calgary, Alberta.  My parents are from Oklahoma and Kansas but moved up to Canada before me and my brothers were born.

I have lived in Texas, Seattle, Victoria, and Kamloops - but I call Nelson home and that's where I intend to stay.

I'm a traffic engineer by training - but I try not to define myself by my career, my degree, or the ring I wear on my pinkie.

Despite my inability to  shut-up at times, I'm an introvert and enjoy as much "me" time as I can get.

I have two adorable kids that keep me in a state of amazement every single day.

And I'm really really glad you're here.

I have been flexing my artistic muscle with my recent project - Humans of Nelson BC.

With HONBC I am breaking past my fears and limitations by engaging with strangers, asking if I can take their photograph, and dealing with the rejection when I get a "no".

Though I have engaged in other styles of photography like HDR*, macro, abstract, landscape, etc. I seem to always come back to portraits.  People just make the most interesting photographs, in my opinion.

In 2009, my art was publicly displayed at the popular Oso Negro Cafe.

*If you want to know more about HDR photography, I've included a link to a fantastic course by world-renowned photographer, Trey Ratcliff.

I love working with clients.

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